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Change the Cycle + Beyond Empathy

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

CTC developed the 'GRIT' workshop, based on 12 months of evidence and informed, reviewed by local young people and members of the Shoalhaven community.

Producing an 8-principles concept of GRIT – evidence based, aligned with the NSW Code of ethics and Trauma informed principles, CTC is now partnering with the amazing team at Beyond Empathy. CTC will be able to implement programs increasing the resilience and personal growth and well-being for a new group of young people.

"Since 2005 Beyond Empathy has been working to cultivate mutual trust and a shared willingness to build close-knit and trusting neighbourhoods. Through the process of creating and sharing art, we support these neighbourhoods to unravel the effects of social disadvantage by building new pathways into improved health and wellbeing, learning, employment, and social inclusion."

Check out the amazing things happening at Beyond Empathy here!

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