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About CTC
Youth development training professionals

Adapt. Upskill. Grow. 


We at Change the Cycle believe in the power of every individual to improve their life. No matter the situation we are in, or background we come from, we can change, and things can get better.


We believe that our current behaviours and quality of life are greatly determined by our current skill set. If we learn new skills, we have the power to change our behaviours, and improve our situations, break the cycles that limit us. 

We provide Professional Supervision to youth practitioners in a range of contexts, as well as creating resources to equip and empower professionals the industry. We also develop evidence based, trauma-informed programs which we deliver to both professionals and young people.

Everything we do, from program development, delivery, and professional supervision, aims to empower individuals, professionals, and organisations to make meaningful change. 

CTC believes young people are to be the primary consideration within our work, therefore ensuring equitable and transparent platforms of information, program development and engagement. 

"Evidence-based youth development resources and training, to empower professionals, and engage individuals."

Our Mission

Our Mission

Enable young people, youth practitioners, and their communities to adapt to life's challenges, upskill, and continually grow into resilient, fulfilled empowered individuals. 

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Our Team

CTC was founded in 2015 by youth and community development practitioner Samantha Kettlewell. Sam has over 15 years of industry experience in a wide range of contexts in both government and non-government organisations, including Education Support Officer Community Services, Trainer and Assessor with TAFE NSW, Community Engagement Officer for Headspace, Youth Development Coordinator for PCYC Shoalhaven and currently holds the position of Creative Director for GRIT and Ethics Officer for Beyond Empathy.


As well this wealth of experience, Sam is an Executive Committee Member of Youth Work NSW,  and has a Bachelor or Youth Work from Victoria University.

Working collaboratively with our team of professionals, we are passionate about educating young people to make informed choices, incorporate conceptual frameworks, leading a strength-based approach to facilitate and support young people to develop their agency and strengthen their social capital. 

We are experienced and committed to evidence-based frameworks, civic participation and TIC program development, coordination and facilitation. 

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