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Youth mental health report Youth Survey 2012-16

This report shows more young Australians are in psychological distress than five years ago...

Beyond Empathy

Unravelling the effects of social disadvantage...


Youth Action is the peak body representing young people and the services that support them in NSW...

Defining digital youth work and its importance

"Society has become profoundly digitalised, and technology is present in every area of young people’s lives..."

developing digital youth work

"Set up under the European Union Work Plan for Youth 2016-2018, the expert group on 'Risks, opportunities and implications of digitalisation for youth..."

snapshot 2020

"In partnership with the Intergener8 Living Lab at Western Sydney University in late 2019, Youth Action conducted the largest survey of the NSW Youth Sector in a decade..."

music fest guidelines

"The Guidelines for Music Festival Event Organisers: Music Festival Harm Reduction have been written to support event organisers to deliver safer music festivals."

Change the cycle FB

Regularly sharing useful resources!

"Evidence-based youth development resources and training, to empower professionals, and engage individuals."

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