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Grit Training with Beyond Empathy Arrives in the Shoalhaven

GRIT is a high impact, evidence-based workshop which is underpinned and informed by a number of frameworks:

  • Theory of Resilience

  • Trauma informed principles

  • Evidence based practices when working with young people

  • Education/ Learning transference model

The Delivery model incorporates the 3 R’s: Regulate, Relate and Reason.

Various Models of delivery: Modular based, 1 Off workshop, Key note speaker slot

The program is designed to inform, enhance and explore individual’s capacities, experiences and perseverance in the face of adversity. It’s a collaborative and holistic process which incorporates the pattern of sequence, developing, acknowledging and cementing participant’s skills, knowledge and understanding of self and the practice of GRIT.


GRIT: Is each individual giving themselves permission to recognise, respond and be accountable to life’s many adversities. Acknowledging that Sh#t happens, accepting where our power lies, concept of control and choosing where and what to give our power to. Who we are, how we got here, how to keep going…?

GRIT is to Cope, adapt and thrive in the face of Adversity.

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