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CTC Founder Sam Kettlewell Elected to Youth Work NSW Committee 2022

We are very proud to announce that Sam Kettlewell, Change the Cycle Founder, has been elected to the Youth Work NSW Committee for 2022.

The primary objectives of the Association are:

  • to support the Youth Work profession in NSW by creating opportunities for Youth Workers to organise and to share their practice;

  • developing key statements like the Definition and the Code of Ethics;

  • supporting high quality training and education for youth workers;

  • and helping the community understand how youth workers in their communities are supporting young people, often without a lot of publicity or recognition.

Congratulations to the Youth Work NSW Committee 2022:

Howard Sercombe - General Secretary

Michelle Comito - Convenor

Sarah Callaghan

Maddy Forwood

Russell Ingram

Sam Kettlewell

Elaine Yallop

Kaz Zinnetti

We look forward to working with this amazing group in 2022.

For more information head to

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